“thank you”

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the austin convention this year went rather well….i saw some old faces and people i only get to see a couple times a year…i got to meet new people….this was a thank you sheet sent to Jesse Strother of Good Life tattoo…a: he has taken good care of my friend John Rippey and b: also entertained me while in Texas…thank you again



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healed photo of a piece of Dan Higgs flashhealed

“new year”

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“ghost of christmas present”

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a friend asked me to make this little flapper girl painting for his girl friend for christmas…i was happy to oblige….though she is small…i do feel that she has a lot of spirit….she seems to be the type of girl that would steal your heart and have a ship named after her…i hope everyone has a blessed Yule, Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus or just dedicated time with family

“…deer john letter…”

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part of a sleeve that is reflecting a view of “fur for fashion”….funny how images take on a life and a meaning all to themselves….thank you for allowing me to be a part of this

“native blood”

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i got to do this tattoo on a friend of mine….its good when you meet someone that has some of your same interests…her and her husband have become very dear to me and i am glad that they have decided to spend time getting tattooed by me

“…last one for sale…”

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140lb watercolor paper, Ink and Acrylic….light fast and sealed….$100 framed and mailed…SOLD